Thursday, January 12, 2012

Pinterest: Making Me the Woman I've Always Wanted to Be

In the past few months, Pinterest seems to have taken the online community by storm. My work community has embraced the site for both personal (everyone loves new hair, clothing and DIY ideas in an elementary school) and professional (again, I'd be interested in seeing a breakdown of active Pinterest users by career field) reasons. As a school counselor, I've been really happy to see a lot of great ideas and have an easy way of keeping track of them.

Where am I going with this?

Aside from my very exciting fingernails...

...and some homemade coasters...

it actually is giving me some great ideas about diet and some useful reminders for motivation.

As you know, the only thing consistent about my diet is the lack there of. I love cookies. If you're opening a bottle of wine, I'll gladly have a glass. My idea of a post run treat is a giant hamburger and onion rings.

But in an effort to enjoy good food while working on a new fitness goal (this crazy 13.1 of mine), I've started looking for more recipes that will give me some balance. And let me tell you, Pinterest is making it possible.

The black bean, cilantro, avocado recipe was awesome, I made a grilled zucchini corn salad with added grilled asparagus that was a big hit, and I took the chicken part of one recipe, added the homemade salsa from another, and made the best tacos we've had in a long time.


Prior to the big "P" entering my life, one healthy, completely homemade and found all on my own recipe would typically be enough for me to pat myself on the back for a couple of months. I'm thinking that now it may just be possible for me to finally get it together in order to benefit my whole family, and that would be awesome.

So this is a shout out to Ben Silbermann to say thanks. You've provided me with an easy and fun method for compartmentalizing areas of my life in a way that allows me to take baby steps, exchange great ideas, meet and follow so many amazing mom-athletes, and be excited about believing in possibilities.

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